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Hello from Austin, TX. I'm Erin Geiger, founder of Muscle Creative.  I created this company with one focus - to empower solopreneurs and small businesses via DIY copywriting skills, content strategy, and copywriting that actually sounds like you and not a robot (not throwing shade to robots - I hope there's one cleaning my house right now). 

Through my copyedit and strategy polish and review, membership, and 1:1 consult sessions, I zero in on and help you create messaging full of your personality that will engage your audience and land the sale.

Let's get you authentically connecting with your ideal audience and convert them to heart-eyed customers. 😍

So stoked to meet you.

Drop your name, email address, and a quick note. You can also give me a call at 512-765-6118.

Work with Me

No one buying from your copy? Book a 60-minute Write with You session with me to make your copy come alive. These 1:1 consults have got you covered. 

Join my Email Ally monthly membership to turn your emails from 'meh' to engagement and revenue-generating machines with customized templates, subject lines, and video trainings.

Throw your copy over to me for a 'glo-up' with my Copyedit, Polish + Strategy Review. I'll elevate the copy you have and make solid suggestions on strategic page layout, additional copy to include, and other tactics to attract more clients. 

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Tell Me More

Fun Facts About Erin

  • Lives in Austin by way of New York and California
  • Moved halfway across the country with husband and 3 friends - no jobs, apartment rented sight unseen (aka things you do in your twenties before real responsibilities descend)
  • Graduated San Francisco State University with a BA in Cinema, focus in Screenwriting
  • Started content and copywriting career during the 'Dot Com Boom' (live bands played in our office! beer kegs were installed in our kitchen! never-ending snacks and catered parties! the money will never run out!)
  • Survived the 'Dot Com Bust' (spoiler: the money did run out)
  • Lasted in LA for about 9 months, certified in Continuity/Script Supervision - worked on student films and one feature
  • Grew career with the likes of CNET, CBS,,
  • Worked with partners in the entertainment industry (all major broadcast and cable networks, major record labels) to showcase their brands in an organic way
  • Garner thousands of actionable leads for sales teams, leading to hundreds of closed deals
  • Built strong subscriber base globally for clients through press releases, social media presence, blog strategy, and email strategy
  • Built relationships with an engaged network of influencers leading to an expanded global reach and industry recognition
  • Founded Muscle Creative, LLC in 2020 including the Small Business, Big Mindset podcast, Email Ally monthly membership, Online Business On-Ramp digital course, and 1:1 Write with You copywriting consult sessions
  • Developed multi-million dollar interactive, online ad campaigns for Fortune 500 Clients to enhance brand voice and visibility
  • Grew web traffic to over 1M+ Unique Daily users
  • Led the content strategy for both the and website launches
  • Member of the Television Academy and other industry notables; voting on, attending and covering such events as the Emmy Awards

Silly Details and Personal Stuff

  • Favorite Movies - Harry Potter (all), Dead Poets Society, Tommy Boy
  • Favorite Music - Beastie Boys, Fugazi, Death Cab for Cutie, Arcade Fire, pretty much all old school hip-hop but also jazz and big band (thanks dad!)
  • Favorite Books - The Secret Garden, Harry Potter (all), In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day
  • I'm left-handed - I know, you thought I couldn't get any more amazing and then, POW!
  • I hate mushrooms
  • Also don't like eggplant
  • I'm weird about textures
  • Not a fan of most animal print
  • Never tried karaoke
  • Know next to nothing about sports - I cheer teams on based on location - have I lived there? Then that's my team!
  • Give me any life topic and I'll match it to a Friends episode
  •  I have 19 brothers and sisters
  • Married for over two decades, have two awesome kiddos
  • We have two dogs - a German Shepherd mix and a Miniature Australian Shepherd (the mini thinks he rules the house)
  • Met my husband when we both worked at the same movie theatre when I was 17 (I know, so cute, right?)
  • Lived in - New York (born: Queens, Long Island, Wappingers Falls), Texas (El Paso, Dallas, Austin), California (all around the SF Bay Area but lastly in Oakland and loved it, LA)
  • Favorite places I've traveled so far - Alaska and Maui
  • Places I want to travel to - pretty much everywhere in Europe and also Japan
  • Traveled to about 25 states so far - halfway there!
  • Favorite quote: "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly..." (excerpt) - Theodore Roosevelt

Media Bio (mini version for podcasts)

Erin Geiger, founder of Muscle Creative, is known as the 'Conversational Copywriter' honing her expert copywriting and content engagement skills for over two decades. She's written website copy for CBS Interactive,,, (acquired by Real Networks), and partners CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, major cable networks, and major record labels in addition to a plethora of solopreneurs and start-ups. She helps small and medium businesses create the words that have their customers throwing their credit cards at them saying, "Keep my tab open - I want everything ya got!"

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The Longer Blurb

An entrepreneurial, passionate content marketing expert, Muscle Creative founder Erin Geiger transforms agencies into thought leaders and clients into raving fans by breaking through stuffy, antiquated marketing principles to reveal fresh, conversational, profitable content.

Known as the “Conversational Copywriter,” she architects digital campaigns with the kind of conversational content that genuinely connects, engages, and drives customers to action.

Erin coaches thousands of professionals weekly on content marketing strategies through her “Small Business, Big Mindset” podcast, live Facebook trainings, IGTV segments, and live Power Hour shows on LinkedIn.

An ideal partner for companies poised to break the mold with new digital product launches, Erin elevates high-performing teams through leadership and key learnings, and achieves exponential growth in the complex, competitive online B2B or B2C arena.

A Few Brands I've Worked With

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"Muscle Creative has completely streamlined our business. As a Real Estate company it's essential we stay updated on all social media channels and provide relevant content to our audience. Erin worked with us to create a monthly social media plan and executed it perfectly."

- Sarah George, Dwell ATX Realty Group


Small Business, Big Mindset

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