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A Different Kind of Shrimp

I caught wind of famed copywriter Laura Belgray in mid-2020 or so. (I think...but that year is all a blur)

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you just click? That's what happened with Laura, but it was her writing that was the connection before I even met her.

Maybe it's because we're both from New York (I moved when I was 11 but my family that still lives there tells me, "Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker!", so I'm claiming it. :)) Maybe it's because we both love dry sarcasm or that our professional backgrounds both encompass the entertainment world. Maybe it's because we both used to work out at Crunch Fitness.

I really think it's the love of writing and the passion to help others write well and do what they love.

I started out following her on Instagram. Then I subscribed to her email list. Then I bought her digital courses. I saw that she had something called "Shrimp Club" going on, but I dismissed it. 

Somehow, this "Shrimp Crew" or "Seafood Club" or...

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Get your life together...

Cody Rigsby is hands down my favorite Peloton instructor. One of my favorite catchphrases of his is, "Get your life together!" usually thrown at us during a transition between sets ("Get some water and get your life together") or during a challenging part of the ride.

Still, for a while I became jaded. Hmmm...Pelo-jaded?  I mainly use my bike to supplement my gym workouts if I can't make it to the gym or want to add on a weekend workout.

But when I did hop on that bike, I did so with silence.

I'd turn the volume all the way down to 0 and just watch the numbers on the screen tell me what my cadence and resistance should be. I started to feel like all the instructors were too 'ra-ra', too 'love and light'. Ever feel that way?

Usually, I'm annoyingly positive but sometimes...nope.

So I'd turn that volume down and I'd watch a show. Or I'd listen to a podcast. Anything but tune into the instructor.

Today my kids had off of school, so rather than hightail it to the gym, I took...

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Oh, hello there, Overwhelm!

I've decided to see overwhelm as a perk of life.


This isn't about taking lemons and making lemonade.


Everywhere I look I see headlines talking about cutting the overwhelm, ways to stop being overwhelmed, decreasing your overwhelm, killing your overwhelm.


Sounds like it's a problem.


Seeing overwhelm as a big hairy monster will lead to increased stress and over the top anxiety.


So I'm flipping the script. (are we tired of that phrase yet?)


Overwhelm means you have options.


It means there is action to be taken.


There is so much hitting you at once, so many avenues to go down, that you feel...overwhelmed. 


What to do first? How to handle it? Which problem options do you tackle now, and which do you prioritize for later?




It's when you run out of options that's the real pickle.


But, as long as you have even just a choice or two? You're...

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Take Your 5% Discount and...

I was writing an article yesterday and saw a headline that retailers have started hiring for the holidays. The usual heavy-hitters - Target, Kohl's, UPS (not a retailer, but whatever)...and JC Penney.  

It mentioned a 'perk' given to employees - a discount! Guess what it was? 5%. FIVE PERCENT. Why even give a discount? That's like less than the tax we pay. What is the point?  Brands like Williams Sonoma give 40%. 

I'm not saying Jacque Penney's has to fork over as generous of a perk as a 40% discount, but 5%? You can do better, JC.

Designer at a Discount

ALSO. Austin friends.

Did you know that we have a brick and mortar of The RealReal? I thought it was just an app! There's an actual store at the Domain. If you haven't heard about it, The RealReal is a marketplace of luxury consignment. Get your favorite designers but at a fraction of the price! You can sell your stuff there too...I have a bin of stuff that I should take over there. I tried before at another...

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It's a Blog!


I said to myself, "Maybe I'll take a little rest and put my podcast on hiatus 'til the Fall."

About 18 minutes, 10 seconds later I thought, "Hmmmm wonder if I should start a blog. You know, just while my podcast is on hiatus."

What, in all that's holy.

This is how I 'rest'.

So here I am. Starting a blog. Not sure how long I'll do it. Not sure what I'll talk about. Not even one ounce sure what the purpose of it will be.

I've pretty much broken all the rules of bloggage already. I mean blogging.

My favorite neighbors in the whole wide world are moving. In fact, Joey is outside right now helping them prep their landscaping to list their house.

I'm awful because I'm inside writing this 'blog' and thinking about how I really want to take a shower and get in my jammies. It's 8PM. This is 44. ;)

Oh! If you haven't been reading Jen Hatmaker's adventures through Maine - she calls it 'Me Camp' - then stop reading this right this instant and go to her FB page immediately. 

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