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It's a Blog!


I said to myself, "Maybe I'll take a little rest and put my podcast on hiatus 'til the Fall."

About 18 minutes, 10 seconds later I thought, "Hmmmm wonder if I should start a blog. You know, just while my podcast is on hiatus."

What, in all that's holy.

This is how I 'rest'.

So here I am. Starting a blog. Not sure how long I'll do it. Not sure what I'll talk about. Not even one ounce sure what the purpose of it will be.

I've pretty much broken all the rules of bloggage already. I mean blogging.

My favorite neighbors in the whole wide world are moving. In fact, Joey is outside right now helping them prep their landscaping to list their house.

I'm awful because I'm inside writing this 'blog' and thinking about how I really want to take a shower and get in my jammies. It's 8PM. This is 44. ;)

Oh! If you haven't been reading Jen Hatmaker's adventures through Maine - she calls it 'Me Camp' - then stop reading this right this instant and go to her FB page immediately. 

I want to go to Maine now. Like right now. My friends Robin and Ray went the other year (that's what I call everything pre-covid now 'the other year' before the quiet times) and it looked INCREDIBLE. At least I think it was Maine. Definitely the upper northeast. 

One more thing before I go - I've decided to finish up my book and give it a real shot. I'll self-publish it but man, it would be amazing to have an agent back it. My cousin Mike is reading it right now - as a published author and all-around amazing person, I'm honored that he's even giving me an ounce of his time.

Alright. First blog post. How'd I do? 

Have I written blog posts for other people? Yes, I have.

Do I have any idea how to write them for myself? Not at all. 

Sometimes you've gotta harness your own ignorance and jump.

Thanks for reading!





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