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Take Your 5% Discount and...

I was writing an article yesterday and saw a headline that retailers have started hiring for the holidays. The usual heavy-hitters - Target, Kohl's, UPS (not a retailer, but whatever)...and JC Penney.  

It mentioned a 'perk' given to employees - a discount! Guess what it was? 5%. FIVE PERCENT. Why even give a discount? That's like less than the tax we pay. What is the point?  Brands like Williams Sonoma give 40%. 

I'm not saying Jacque Penney's has to fork over as generous of a perk as a 40% discount, but 5%? You can do better, JC.

Designer at a Discount

ALSO. Austin friends.

Did you know that we have a brick and mortar of The RealReal? I thought it was just an app! There's an actual store at the Domain. If you haven't heard about it, The RealReal is a marketplace of luxury consignment. Get your favorite designers but at a fraction of the price! You can sell your stuff there too...I have a bin of stuff that I should take over there. I tried before at another consignment shop and they would only give me pennies - sorry, but Alexander McQueen is not worth $2.

Ready for the Crowds?

Got an email from Eventbrite with the subject line, 'Events are Back, Are You Ready?'. It got me thinking. I haven't been to a live event in so long. Have you been to one post-lockdown yet? 

Employees and Personal Brands - Yes or No?

My friend Michelle Griffin posed an interesting question on LinkedIn the other day, "Should employees have personal brands?" She went on to break it down like this:

• Your brand stays with you no matter your industry
* Your brand keeps you top of mind for promotions
• Your brand positions you as a recognized leader
• Your brand generates business for your company

Personal brands...they're a smart investment for ALL professionals.

I have to say that I 100% agree. So many times I see employees aligning themselves with the brand they are currently employed with, and that's as far as it goes. But, Michelle's points make sense - the common denominator is you. In order to build your career, a strong personal brand is a huge asset.

What do you think?


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