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Oh, hello there, Overwhelm!

I've decided to see overwhelm as a perk of life.


This isn't about taking lemons and making lemonade.


Everywhere I look I see headlines talking about cutting the overwhelm, ways to stop being overwhelmed, decreasing your overwhelm, killing your overwhelm.


Sounds like it's a problem.


Seeing overwhelm as a big hairy monster will lead to increased stress and over the top anxiety.


So I'm flipping the script. (are we tired of that phrase yet?)


Overwhelm means you have options.


It means there is action to be taken.


There is so much hitting you at once, so many avenues to go down, that you feel...overwhelmed. 


What to do first? How to handle it? Which problem options do you tackle now, and which do you prioritize for later?




It's when you run out of options that's the real pickle.


But, as long as you have even just a choice or two? You're golden.


It might (and let's be real - probably isn't), not be your ideal situation. But it's a next right step. The rightest step available to keep forward momentum going.


The next time you feel overwhelmed...which I'm guessing is right this very second, I want you to smile, take a deep breath and be say, 'Yes! I'm overwhelmed!' You can say it in your head but dang it's cool to say it out loud. 


Try it.


See if some of the weight falls from your shoulders.


Embrace the overwhelm. Fall in love with the fact that you have choices at your disposal and actual decisions to make.


"Uh great Erin, I've embraced the overwhelm. Now what the hell do I do?"


Let's chat about that in the next post, shall we?


Are you gonna try it? Are you gonna run right into overwhelm, flip the script, and embrace it for what it is? An opportunity for you to be in the power seat of decision-making? Tell me!


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