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A Different Kind of Shrimp

I caught wind of famed copywriter Laura Belgray in mid-2020 or so. (I think...but that year is all a blur)

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you just click? That's what happened with Laura, but it was her writing that was the connection before I even met her.

Maybe it's because we're both from New York (I moved when I was 11 but my family that still lives there tells me, "Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker!", so I'm claiming it. :)) Maybe it's because we both love dry sarcasm or that our professional backgrounds both encompass the entertainment world. Maybe it's because we both used to work out at Crunch Fitness.

I really think it's the love of writing and the passion to help others write well and do what they love.

I started out following her on Instagram. Then I subscribed to her email list. Then I bought her digital courses. I saw that she had something called "Shrimp Club" going on, but I dismissed it. 

Somehow, this "Shrimp Crew" or "Seafood Club" or "Crustacean Copy" or whatever it was kept showing up in my life.

Friends in my online network (that were doing quite well with their businesses, I might add) had been a part of it. I watched them and saw their confidence grow, and in turn, their businesses.

I was intrigued so when I saw a waiting list to be notified when "Shrimp Club" opened for applications once again, I threw my email address in there.

The doors opened and I took a look at the info. I did my research. I reached out to people that had been a part of it. I spoke with Laura herself (squeeee!). 

I knew I had to do it. I also knew the price tag made me squeamish. Not because I doubted it was worth the money, but because I knew it was worth even more and that I'd be transformed personally and professionally.

Ever hear of that syndrome where people are scared of success? I never thought I was that person. But I think a part of me is. Discovering that was like a twist in my own movie and it surprised even me!

I decided to jump in, and I cannot say enough about this experience so far.

Oh wait, I haven't really even said what Shrimp Club is. I describe it as a 9-Month Intensive Mastermind (Laura describes it as a 9-Month Mentoring Party), but really, it's an ongoing mastermind as you get to stay in the Facebook group indefinitely. You get access to Laura for any question you may have, including personally looking at your content and giving her suggestions, access to the FB group with other ambitious yet kind-hearted and supportive entrepreneurs, special events, speakers, and more. (Laura has a waitlist for more info here:

Oh and (COVID willing) we get to head to NY for a retreat to meet up in person. Spend time with some of my favorite people in one of my favorite places? Yes, please!

Here's what I've gotten out of Shrimp Club and we are about at the halfway point.

  • email list growth
  • client growth
  • revenue growth
  • confidence growth
  • services offered growth
  • network growth
  • friends growth

It's been a lot of growth! Maybe it should be called a 9-Month Growth Party. Nope. It shouldn't. It should not be called that.

I'm grateful my path crossed with Laura's. I'm grateful for the incredible friends and clients I have met because of it. I'm grateful because it reminded me of my talent. I'm grateful because it helped me find more of my people.

I hope you're having a great week and I hope you find more of your people and fulfillment in what you choose to do in life.

On that note - what do you wanna do? Are you already doing it? Tell me!

Talk copy to me,



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