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Get your life together...

Cody Rigsby is hands down my favorite Peloton instructor. One of my favorite catchphrases of his is, "Get your life together!" usually thrown at us during a transition between sets ("Get some water and get your life together") or during a challenging part of the ride.

Still, for a while I became jaded. Hmmm...Pelo-jaded?  I mainly use my bike to supplement my gym workouts if I can't make it to the gym or want to add on a weekend workout.

But when I did hop on that bike, I did so with silence.

I'd turn the volume all the way down to 0 and just watch the numbers on the screen tell me what my cadence and resistance should be. I started to feel like all the instructors were too 'ra-ra', too 'love and light'. Ever feel that way?

Usually, I'm annoyingly positive but sometimes...nope.

So I'd turn that volume down and I'd watch a show. Or I'd listen to a podcast. Anything but tune into the instructor.

Today my kids had off of school, so rather than hightail it to the gym, I took advantage of not having to usher anyone up and out to school. I slept in a bit and then hopped on the bike.

For some reason, I decided to turn ol' Cody up. I biked and I listened. I huffed and puffed and sweat and listened.

So, this time around Cody told some personal stories. He chatted about the one and only time he was sent to the principal's office. He mentioned how someone who was like a second mom to him had seen him on the cover of a local paper and bought like 7 copies.

It was great. I felt connected. It wasn't just 'eat, pray, love', 'you have the power' stuff - which has its time and place but sometimes it's just a hard pass from me.

He connected with STORY. He was a human reaching out to other humans. Oh yeah, and he mentioned a Netflix documentary he was watching about aliens...and how most of the stuff on the streaming services we all pay for is crap and they need to step up their game. 😳

It was perfect. I'm turning up my volume next time.

I share this because I'm always talking to small business owners about how for some reason their personality goes out the window when they start writing about their business, product, or service. They morph into a robot. 🤖

I encourage them to connect with stories, write how they speak, shine a spotlight on their personality - yes, even when talking about their business! It's critical.

So, thanks, Cody, for reaching out, human to human. For telling personal experiences, for challenging the streaming services to be better. ;)

Oh, and for those wondering, my Peloton name is ambitionmission and the ride I took this morning was a 30-minute Intervals & Arms Ride. Follow me and maybe we can ride together!


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