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A Different Kind of Shrimp

I caught wind of famed copywriter Laura Belgray in mid-2020 or so. (I think...but that year is all a blur)

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you just click? That's what happened with Laura, but it was her writing that was the connection before I even met her.

Maybe it's because we're both from New York (I moved when I was 11 but my family that still lives there tells me, "Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker!", so I'm claiming it. :)) Maybe it's because we both love dry sarcasm or that our professional backgrounds both encompass the entertainment world. Maybe it's because we both used to work out at Crunch Fitness.

I really think it's the love of writing and the passion to help others write well and do what they love.

I started out following her on Instagram. Then I subscribed to her email list. Then I bought her digital courses. I saw that she had something called "Shrimp Club" going on, but I dismissed it. 

Somehow, this "Shrimp Crew" or "Seafood Club" or...

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