Your next sale is a
syllable away.

Get your content reviewed and polished by a copywriting expert
(hint: it's me!) within 5 business days. From entertainment
heavyweights like CBS to budding solopreneurs, I take content from
ho-hum to huzzah!

I'll spruce up your copywriting to land your next sale and convert
those heart-eyed customers! 😍

PLUS - I'll go over your page structure and layout strategy of your copy
to make sure things are placed where they should be to optimize sales
and audience connection.
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How it Works


Write some copy. (email, social media post/ad, blog, web page) 


Realize your copy is good, but could be great (and it will be).


Send it to me and you'll get it back all dressed up and ready to werk.

Toss your copy over to me (500 words max per project) and within 5 business days I'll work the same copyediting magic I've used to help Fortune 500 corporations, start-ups, and solopreneurs connect with their audience to increase engagement and $$$$.
Let's Level Up Your Copy!
From Kelsey:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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Erin not only helped me better align my copy to my audience but made me feel more confident in the way that I position and brand myself in the process!

-Dan Mott


Erin is a copywriting genius, and I highly recommend her services to small and medium-sized businesses. Trust me; you need Erin more than you think.

-Matt Zaun


Erin's writing and social media skills helped shape our presence as a leader in our space. As a sales professional, I would leverage her marketing collateral every chance I got.

-Katrina Polansky

This is for you if you've ever felt...

  • your copy is all over the place
  • your copy falls flat and doesn't dazzle
  • that you're not sure if your copy gets the right message across
  • that you've hit a wall in your copywriting
  • that you need a professional writer to give it that last nudge over the finish line 

How will you feel when your copy has the stamp of approval by a professional copywriter?

I'll answer that for you: pretty damn good. You'll feel confident that your words are exactly what your audience needs to hear.

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Book a "Write with Me" session and get me on Zoom for an entire hour! Pepper me with questions on writing and send me content you want me to work on with you!
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