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The direct, no frills system to managing the often missed yet critical logistics to launching your online business.

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In This Course



The All-In-One Logistics Toolkit

The critical steps to take when creating your business and getting it ready to wow your ideal customer. 


Formation & Finance for a Solid Start

Should your business be run as a sole proprietorship or LLC? When should you setup a business bank account? We dive into all of this.


The Website and Email Platform that Fits
YOUR Business

There are so many website and email marketing platforms out there, all trying to grab your attention with shiny features and industry lingo. We break down what you really need for a solid start.


Project Management, Time Management, Goal-Setting & Beyond

If we had a penny for every time 'life happened' that could have taken our attention off of our business or caused us to completely walk away, we'd be millionaires. We'll give you the tools to manage this unavoidable part of entrepreneurship.

"My time working with Erin at Muscle Creative Co. has been a game-changer for me and my business. Erin is an incredible communicator who is able to help me make pivots in my small business, while still helping me learn and grow along the way. She is attentive and constantly aiming to over-deliver and bring value on a silver platter to me and my business. I love that her mind is always working on a strategic and purposeful level and never settling for vanity numbers as a measure of success. She truly wants her clients to succeed and shows up every day ready to work for it. I can not recommend her enough— in an industry full of noisy, self-proclaimed “experts“ who can’t or won’t get the job done, she is a true and genuine gem who knows what it takes to level up a small business. "

Nadine Fonseca, Mighty Kind Kids

Starting a business is overwhelming. Where do I begin?

We get it. Many entrepreneurs are so excited yet are inundated with questions, fears, and frustrations when first starting their business. We felt that way too! We found ourselves wishing there was one resource that outlined the what's, when's, how's, and why's to starting an online business.

This workshop is for entrepreneurs experiencing one of the two situations:

The 'Deep-End' Entrepreneur
You jumped right into the deep end of launching your business with two feet. Some might say you cannonballed. Now that you're in, you're finding yourself treading water. You might have skipped over some important foundational steps in all of your excitement. You'd like to review and regroup, ensuring your business is setup on a solid foundation rather than a house of cards, so that you may scale forward with confidence. If this sounds like your situation, this course is for you. 

The 'Toe-in-the-Water' Entrepreneur
You have wanted to create a business longer than you can remember. Business ideas come and go, but you never quite make the plunge. Maybe you've started to entertain the idea of being an entrepreneur - read a book or two, listened to some podcasts...followed a few people on Instagram. The thought of starting your own business fills you with excitement...and dread. You know in your gut this is something you should be doing, but fear and overwhelm keep you away. You have little to no idea of where to even start. If this sounds like your situation, this course is for you.

What's Inside

Module 1

Setting Up Your Business Strong

Before you can invoice a client, you need a business bank account. Before you can create a business bank account, you need to decide on your company formation. Before you decide on your company formation, you'll need your company name and service/product decided on (ideally).

Module Highlights:

In this module, you will learn:

  • Trademark or No Trademark?
  • Registering Your EID
  • The Right Formation For Your Company
  • Business Banking Options
Module 2

Cut the Clutter: The Website & Email Platform for YOUR Business

There seem to be more website building options than there are stars in the sky. The amount of email vendors and all the different services they have to offer is enough to make your head spin. We take a look at what you need to know to make the best decision for your situation.

Module Highlights:

In this module you will learn:

  • What to Look for in a Website Platform
  • Custom Design or Out of the Box?
  • How Robust of an Email Service Is Right for You?

Module 3

Get it Done: Project and Time Management

Finding a way to manage the various bits and bobs of your business is critical. We'll take a look at what you'll need to keep everything in order as a baseline, and scale from there.

Module Highlights:

  • What to look for in a project management platform
  • Top platforms to consider
  • How to implement time-blocking
  • Task batching, day theming, and more of time-blocking's cousins

Module 4

Succeeding When Life Happens

If there is one guarantee that comes along with running your own business, it's that at one point or another it will conflict with something or someone in your life. Rather than throwing in the towel or running for the hills, we'll dive into actions you can take to manage these obstacles while still moving forward.

Module Highlights:

  • Building a business alongside major responsibilities (working full-time, raising children, managing virtual school/COVID complications)
  • Setting Expectations with Family and Friends
  • Filling Your Cup
  • Concrete Goals & Vision 

BONUS Module 5

Bonus Material

If you enroll by January 28, 2021, you will automatically receive this bonus module!

Module Highlights:

  • Building your Email List
  • 30-Minute Strategy Call
  • 30-Minute Technology Q&A Session

Attending our Start the Damn Business Masterclass? Get this additional bonus when you enroll live during the class!

  • Tools That Make Our Business Hum: A guide to every app, program, and tool that we use in our business…and how we use them.

Join us to finally learn what it takes to launch your online business on a solid foundation to support scalable growth!

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A Note From The Instructor...

After over two decades in executive roles working for someone else, I took the plunge to start my own company. The thing is, I didn't know where to start. I knew what I wanted my company to be, the services it would provide, the audience it would support...but my question was, 'HOW DO I BEGIN?'


I set out to answer this question, sure that I would find one resource to kickstart my mission of founding a company, of finally following my dream and starting a business of my own. What I found was disparate information strewn across the internet. Was the information there? Mostly. Did it take days, weeks, months of research and organization to identify and curate it all? YEP.

I found this ridiculous. Once the decision is made to begin the journey of starting a business, the logistics of doing so should not be a mystery.

The logistics of starting an online business should be clear, concise, and laid out in a simple to adopt system - saving the business owner time, money, and cutting out the overwhelm, so that they can focus on the core aspects of the business - the service or product offered.

It's bad enough that so many people have an idea for a business but don't go for it due to a lack of confidence...that once they actually do decide to move forward they are hit with a brick wall of obstacles as to how to even start.

If you have wanted to start a business but don't know where to start, this course is for you. If you have started a business but know you probably missed a few critical steps in ensuring your business is growing from a strong foundation, this course is for you.

Online Business On-Ramp is the ONLY program of its kind that…

  1. Cuts through the clutter of critical elements needed to start an online business
  2. Outlines key steps to take organized by need
  3. Supplies a simple checklist of items to take care of for each business aspect
  4. Guides you from your company formation all the way to website creation and beginning content marketing
  5. Includes goal setting and vision casting for moving forward

So if you’re ready to finally launch or grow your online business while avoiding time-wasting research, stress, confusion, and overwhelm...let's go.

Plus You'll Get These Bonuses to Round Out Your Success!

Bonus #1 

Email List Building Guide

(a $300 value)

A complete guide to growing the almighty email list. Your email list is a critical business building tool, giving you a direct line of communication to your ideal audience.

Bonus #2

Strategy Call

(a $100 value)

A 30-Minute strategy call with me, Erin, where we talk through questions and obstacles to continue your business strong!

Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

Online Business On-Ramp is the all-in-one tool for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs that are excited to build an online business to reach their goals.

By the end of 14 days of purchase, you'll have had enough time to get through multiple modules, and at least have had the opportunity to review the lessons.

If you don't feel like the information taught in this course is what you need to launch your online business, just send us a note at [email protected] and we'll give you a full refund. 

Still on the Fence?

It's worth giving Online Business On-Ramp a risk-free 14-day try if you:

  • are ready to finally make your business-owning dreams a reality
  • want to gain control over your daily schedule and have the flexibility of your own business
  • value your time and want to create your online business from a solid foundation that covers critical areas

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