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Mike Geraghty, Novelist

Email Ally has been a great tool as I work to get my website up and build my reader base. The templates give me just the right inspiration to create emails that are engaging, increase my readership and sales on Amazon while boosting my rankings in the process. It's a useful tool that I'm glad is around.

Any of these sound familiar to you?    

"I know that writing to your email list is important but what am I supposed to say?"

"I barely have time to shower, how am I supposed to add writing emails to my schedule?"

"I have ideas of what I want to say, but I don't want to sound salesy."

"I hate writing! It always sounds awkward and not like me."

Imagine what your business would look like with an engaged email list... 

Subscribers that are excited to see your emails hit their Inbox. Readers that can't wait to not only see what you have to say but click on what you have to offer and say, "Yep, I need that!" Profits that are consistently up and to the right.

A healthy, sustainable business with a connected audience full of repeat buyers that recommend you and talk you UP! 

That's your business with Email Ally.

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  • Write Emails Faster, Getting Your Time Back

    Tailor emails to your specific audience in a fraction of the time - in 40 minutes a month!
  • Learn to Write Like the Pros, In Your Voice

    You'll get a video training every month covering ways to improve your writing skills
  • Get Your Online Content and Copywriting Questions Answered

    Q&A sessions will go over questions from the private Email Ally community
  • Do a Happy Dance of Relief and Confidence

    Grab that coffee with a friend. Log off early and watch your kid's soccer game. You've just added hours back to your month while removing hours of stress and overwhelm

Here's How it Works

In just a few clicks you'll have all that you need to turn your subscribers into engaged customers in a fraction of the time. Giving you a virtual high-five!


Sign-up, create your account, and let's go.


Download your new email templates.


Edit the templates to your liking and send via your email platform.


Tune in to Q&A sessions and trainings to polish your skills.

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Erin just makes everything easier. She takes a very complicated process and breaks it down into simple step by step tasks that just about anyone can do....even someone like me who hates strategy and tech. If you are looking for someone to walk you through all things digital....Erin and her company are your people.
-  Traci Elliott, Traci Elliott Co 


Erin has been a delight to work with. Her mastery of best social media marketing practices is evident in everything she produces for my business. Her monthly campaigns have dramatically grown my page’s audience and engagement.
I have also watched her live training videos. Not surprisingly, she is a great teacher too! 
- Katie Johnston, Keller Williams


Erin and her company Muscle Creative are exceptional to work with. Erin has the ability to quickly identify obstacles and offer targeted solutions that produce results. Erin's ability to break down a complex situation or process into easily understood steps is a game changer for someone, like me, who was feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

- Lori Norris, Next for Vets


When you enroll in Email Ally during this limited time period,

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  • Email Templates

    60+ plug-and-play email templates easily customizable to your brand. Use them as-is or use them for inspiration.

  • Email Subject Lines

    160+ email subject lines to grow your subject line bank and kick your open rates to the high heavens.
  • Online Content Video Trainings

    20+ video trainings to catapult your online content know-how.
  • Community and Accountability

    Networking and support is at your fingertips as you hone your skills and grow your audience.

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Monthly Payments of $27



Annual Payment of $299


No-Risk Guarantee!

Stressing about investing in your business shouldn't be a thing. Our monthly members commit on a monthly basis. Cancel your monthly membership at any time (annual memberships may cancel before the membership renews). Please note: if you decide to rejoin, you will be doing so at the cost of the membership during your rejoin timeframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions I'm asked. Got more? Email me at [email protected]

Your soon-to-be engaged email list of heart-eyed customers is waiting...

Monthly Payments of $27



Annual Payment of $299


Still thinking about it?


Email Ally is PERFECT for you if any of the following ring true...

  1. You want to make more MONEY with engaged customers that come back for more
  2. You're juggling a zillion plates (that's a lot) in your business and you need MORE TIME
  3. You know the importance of an email list but you DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY
  4. You feel a pit in your stomach every time you think about sitting down to write EMAILS
  5. You hate writing and just want it OFF YOUR PLATE
  6. You want to hone your skills for creating COPY and ONLINE CONTENT
  8. You want to CONSISTENTLY EMAIL your audience WEEKLY in MINUTES a MONTH

Hey, I'm Erin.

I can tell you all about my professional experience of over 20 years writing for and managing the editorial, content, and launch teams for brands within Fortune 500 corporations like CBS and technology powerhouses like CNET.

I can wax poetic about all of the start-ups (soooo many stories to tell during that sweet spot of the dot com boom in the late 90s and early 2000s...and then the dot com bust!) I've helped and all of the solopreneurs I've guided over the years.

But here's the thing. You know what gets my motor running?


Okay I just made it weird. Let's gloss right on over that - what I mean is, my heart is in helping small business owners like you craft your messaging while saving time and money to then increase your revenue and get your time back for use on what requires your personal expertise.

Not having engaging emails go out to your list consistently is leaving money on the table. Email Ally gets it back for you...and then some.

Let's go.


A few brands I've worked with...

Enroll in Email Ally Today for Exclusive Pricing 

Monthly Payments of $27



Annual Payment of $299