Start the Damn Business

Live Masterclass for Would-Be or New Online Business Owners

How to cut through the overwhelm and FINALLY solidify your business idea, validate it as a profitable business, pinpoint your ideal customer, and get crystal clear on your vision for viable growth.

In This Masterclass



The Steps to Organize and Narrow Your Business Ideas to ONE (or come up with an idea in the first place!)

instead of quitting before you start due to not knowing what business you should create


Strategies to Help Confirm Your Idea Can Actually be Profitable

so that you don’t waste time creating a hobby rather than a business that actually pays you


Ways to Zero in on Exactly Who Your Business Will Serve...and Why

to give you a roadmap to connecting with, attracting and converting this audience to paying customers


Keys to Avoiding the Top Reason Online Business Owners Quit

so that you can keep building strong

"I hired Muscle Creative about a year ago to help me with all of my social media and marketing for my real estate business. Erin has been a delight to work with. Her mastery of best social media marketing practices is evident in everything she produces for my business. Her monthly campaigns have dramatically grown my pages audience and engagement. I have also watched her live training videos. Not surprisingly, she is a great teacher too! :-) "


Now more than ever, having an online business can transform your life.

Perhaps you’ve been tossing around having your own online business for awhile now, but always pushed it to the back burner. It just never seemed like the right time.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself one (or more!) of these questions:

  • You work full-time, how would you ever fit it in? 
  • You’re busy enough chasing after your kids, where would you find the time?
  • How in the world can you go to school and tack on running your own business?
  • Who are you to have your own business, why would anyone hire you when there are other people better suited?

There have been so many changes thrown at all of us this year. Many of those have impacted our day-to-day lives causing us to finally reflect. If this year has shown us anything, it’s that we don’t know what life holds for us around the corner. 

Start the damn business. It’s your time. Join me to learn the first steps in finally seeing what it takes to start your own successful online business.

This Masterclass is a must attend if...

  • You’ve been thinking about having your own online business but keep letting life get in the way
  • You want time flexibility while earning an income...on your terms
  • You’re curious as to what building your own online business would entail
  • You like the idea of having your own online business but doubt you have what it takes
  • You’d start you own online business tomorrow if you could...but you have zero idea where to start 

A Personal Invitation from your Instructor. 

Hey there, it's Erin Geiger. For the past twenty years I have helped solopreneurs and start-ups alike launch and grow their online businesses. In parallel, I’ve run my own online businesses in order to increase my time and financial freedom and achieve my personal goals.

I created this Masterclass because, with all the challenges being thrown at us in this and recent years, I saw hope. That sounds weird, doesn’t it? Somehow through all the uncertainty, I saw people looking for options. Options that would give them a safety net. New ways to support and improve their lives and lifestyles. I didn’t see people giving up. They were searching for choices, choices that would give them more control over their days, more control over their financial future. A new mindset.

If you think creating and growing your own online business could be one of those options for you, that it’s time to level up in life and finally move confidently toward your goals (that somehow keep getting pushed to ‘someday’), then I’d love to help you do it. I’m excited to give you the tools for a solid start full of intention and clarity.

See you soon,