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Episode #11
Leading a New York Salon to Success During COVID-19 and Beyond

We all know, either from first-hand experience or via media coverage, how hard New York has been hit with COVID-19. This week we speak with Melissa McLaughlin owner of MB Studio Salon & Spa in Rochester, NY. Since the time of this recording, hair salons in certain regions have been able to reopen in NY as part of phase 2 announced May 29.

We discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Melissa's business, the impact on her staff, and how the salon experience will change for clients upon re-opening. In addition, we take a look at the challenges of knowing when to go from a sole proprietor to hiring your first staff member...along with the challenges that go along with expanding your team and so much more.

Here's a quick overview of what we covered:

The COVID-19 Impact in NY

  • Showing up consistently during uncertain times
  • The slap in the face that are the high level of restrictions to reopen in NY
  • Selling retail to keep income coming in to make ends meet
  • The 4 core steps to take to keep your clients and employees engaged

Getting Scrappy: Opening a Salon at the Age of 28

  • Attending and graduating high school and hair school at the same time while working multiple jobs
  • Transitioning from hairdresser to salon owner
  • Building a brand, not just a company
  • The Rachel Hollis connection & leadership

Build It: Key Insights When Starting a Business

  • Stopping the slippery slope of buying unnecessary business supplies 
  • If you're not driven and humble, rethink being a business owner
  • Hair trends and competitors
  • Leveraging social media and YouTube to consistently learn and stay ahead of the game

The Art of Hiring and Expansion

  • Hiring staff with the right skillset and culture fit
  • The hardest part of hiring
  • Social media as a tool to find your next hire
  • Knowing every single part of your business before you hire

Wellness Measures

  • Phone reminders with intentional prompts
  • The impact of a gratitude journal

Looking Ahead

  • The risk of losing clients with re-opening restrictions
  • Post-covid plans - exciting expansions in the works
  • The concern of a covid outbreak in the winter

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up
If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life who would it be? OneRepublic

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