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Episode #12
Launching a Business While in College

Sometimes you run across someone in life and you feel the nudge to reach out and get to know them better. Nicie Andrew is one of those people. We were reading an article on Austin Monthly, 'Black-Owned Businesses to Support in Austin' and saw that her business was featured. The more we learned about her via our Google searches, the more we wanted to meet her. We reached out via Instagram DM, and here we are.

Nicie is 25 years old and is already shaping up to be a serial entrepreneur. In addition to being a 5th grade Math teacher, she is growing two of her own businesses - The Millennial Perspective, which focuses on helping others launch their own online businesses from idea conception to web presence to branding and packaging, and Golden Goddesz, a passion project turned business centering on beautifully made stationary and planners.

Here's a quick overview of our discussion:

Running a Business in Today's Landscape

  • Her role in the anti-racism movement
  • The shift she made in her product-based business due to COVID-19

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Bug in College

  • The birth of her first business
  • The mission of helping and serving young entrepreneurs in her community of Northeast Austin

Insight for Those Starting Out

  • Why all your passions are not business ideas
  • How to identify the most sustainable business idea out of a long list
  • Recovering from imposter syndrome and identifying as an entrepreneur

Daily Routines to Fuel Success

  • Morning coffee, devotional, intentional thoughts
  • Prioritize 2-3 items for the day, YouTube University
  • The one nutrition tip she includes every single day
  • The daily practice that keeps her grounded and empowered to keep going

What's Next

  • Online stationary design courses
  • The ultimate goal: community space for entrepreneurs to have access to trainings, technology and supplies to start and further their businesses

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up
If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life who would it be? Demi Lovato

Where can people find you online?

*Special shout-out to Purposefully Craftee for inspiring Nicie to jump in with Golden Goddesz*

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