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Episode #13
How a Digital Course Business Took a Single Mom from Struggling to Six-Figures

This week we chat with Danira (Dani) Cancinos of Dani's Dulce Confections. Dani and I met as students of Amy Porterfield via her Digital Course Academy and Momentum Membership. Dani's story is one of true determination that resulted in breaking the economic and scarcity mindset cycle that was keeping her family from getting ahead.

Dani tells us how she went from making $20,000 a year working a part-time job to earning a six-figure income from building her own business. Starting in 2012, Dani would sell pastries to her local community on the side. From cheesecakes to cake pops to caramel apples and beyond, her local following continued to grow. Once she started to leverage social media to get the word out, people from across the country began to take notice and ask her to teach them how to create their own goodies.

Here's an overview of our discussion:

Growth Through Obstacles

  • Launching a course during COVID-19
  • The one shift that saved her sales goal
  • Managing a one-person business during personal illness

From Employee to Entrepreneur

  • When to know when to leave your job
  • Impact on family and friends
  • Managing growth expectations, pricing

The Impact of Online Courses

  • Investing in online courses for business growth
  • Exponential revenue growth when launching online courses
  • How Dani's courses grew from $10 to $200
  • Growing a business to six-figures in less than a year

Growing Your Audience Through Instagram

  • Started with 15 second tutorials
  • Building an audience through this one simple action
  • How to leverage IG live and stories to grow client-base
  • Key tip on figuring out what to post when you're stumped

Facebook Groups to Grow the Business

  • How to utilize Facebook Groups as teaching platform
  • Growing a course from 10 people to 700
  • Showing up and over-delivering
  • Segmenting courses into separate modules

Handling Guilt, Fear, Anger

Moving Forward - Goals and Vision

  • Porting content to Kajabi, social media as 'borrowed land'
  • Continuing to create online courses, serve her community
  • New membership offering
  • Buying her first home

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up
If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life who would it be? Bethel Music

Where can people find you online?

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