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Episode #14 (mini-episode)

Top Content Types to Attract Your Key Audience

As an entrepreneur, many times it may feel as though you have multiple plates spinning in the air. You are doing so much, stoking so many fires and yet your business isn't scaling as you'd like it to. In this mini-episode we take a look at what could be the missing piece - content.

This is a HUGE topic, so we are breaking it down into bite-sized pieces and sprinkling them throughout our podcast series. Here we explore the top content types to consider to attract your key audience. As stated in the podcast, do not attempt to tackle all of these. Pick one (maybe two) that most directly correlates with your target audience and business goals. Master that, then expand if needed.

Quick overview:

  • 11 top-performing content types to grow your business
  • The content type to choose for better Google search results
  • Traffic that video can bring to your business
  • Looking to increase your leads pipeline? This is the content for you.
  • Engaging an audience with Q&As via live broadcasts
  • The magic that is a case study


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