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Episode #16 

5 Steps to Making Quick Yet Intentional Decisions to Change Your Business

Raise your hand if you have dealt with the following struggles whether in your professional or personal life: accomplishing goals you thought you were 'supposed' to go after, making sure outward appearances on your life come across as polished and perfect, trying to handle every single thing yourself,  wondering why you're left feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

We are not only raising our hands over here, but are waving them in the air like we just don't care. Sara Palmer of Sara Palmer Speaks is our guest this week. If there was ever a resource that entrepreneurs need in order to keep their momentum going in the right direction it's someone such as Sara. Coming from an abusive childhood, dealing with assault, addiction, an alcoholic marriage, Sara leverages the help, guidance, and information she received when working through all of that in order to serve thousands of people who are also processing tough and at times heartbreaking impacts of their lives.

Our conversation hits at the heart of why many entrepreneurs get stuck, and 5 simple steps to apply every single day to keep moving forward:

Permission to Choose

  • How high-achieving women aged 30-50 find themselves lonely and overwhelmed
  • Analyzing, 'Well, now what?'
  • The bag of lies of 'perfect and polished'

Getting Over Yourself = Powerful Business

  • The dangers of not asking for help
  • Setting boundaries against attention suckers and joy stealers
  • How to feel terrified but still let go

Your Business is Not Your Baby

  • Personal You shows up as Professional You
  • Why your business will fail if it's your 'baby'
  • Identifying areas of delegation to scale your business

The Business Benefits of COVID-19

  • The #1 business shift she hopes sticks around post-pandemic
  • Group coaching vs. Individual coaching
  • Serving client needs, even if not with her

The One-Minute Miracle Method

  • Her top game-changer process
  • 5 steps to make a quick yet intentional decision
  • Eliminates drawn out decision making that can drown a business
  • Check it out here: The One-Minute Miracle Method

Building Clientele and Daily Success

  • Attack from all angles: client referrals, free resources on Instagram and through her email list
  • Leverages Rachel Luna's Profitable To-Do List each day to cover 4 categories - gratitude, life and family, profitable and operational
  • Sticks to 1-2 things each day for Profitable and Operational to stay productive
  • Vision moving forward is to reach 10-20K women in the next few years via professional speaking, group coaching workshops and trainings - build impactful communities

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up

  • If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life who would it be? Anything produced by Dr. Dre.
  • Where can people find you online? 
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