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Episode #17

Success Tips for Entrepreneurial Couples

This power couple each run two completely different businesses, but their biggest commonality is building them based on acts of service - the key marker of a true entrepreneur. We welcome Laney and John Sturdivant, owners of Back Office Drafting and One People's Kitchen.

Perhaps one of the biggest examples of confidence in a relationship is to have not one, but both members take the entrepreneurial path. Laney started her own company, Back Office Drafting, over a decade ago to fill a need for attorneys looking to outsource services rather than take on the expense of full-time employees. She has grown her company to a team of 10, whom coincidentally are all empowered women, and some of which are family members. Her husband John is an accomplished chef, having been trained internationally and holding the executive chef role at fast-paced, upscale resorts and restaurants. After discussing how he could use his talents yet still be present with his family, they landed on One People's Kitchen - healthy, chef-prepared food (that caters to ANY dietary need) that is delivered to your door.

Please note: the audio is a bit rough toward the beginning but improves as the discussion progresses.

Highlights of our conversation include:

Using What You've Got

  • Leveraging experiences from time spent in the Philippines, Spain and New Mexico to fuel the flavor of their business
  • Leaning on knowledge gained while working full-time to create a sustainable business of her own
  • Finding your passion and shifting your career to allow time to cultivate it
  • Identifying ways to thrive during a recession career-wise

 The Key to Making it as an Entrepreneur

  • The #1 thing that will make you go back to working for a steady paycheck
  • How the will to serve supports the growth of their businesses
  • Smoothing out fulfillment to round out a solid infrastructure amidst quick growth
  • Managing expanding a business into a variety of new areas in parallel
  • The top action to take when business is growing at a slower pace than desired
  • The entrepreneurial mindset that can make or break a new business

It's Not You, It's Logistics

  • Pinpointing the cause of communication issues
  • Supporting each person's ideal working environment
  • When your work-life vibes are at odds with each other

Their Method of Success

  • Consistent acts of service fuels their energy for business and life success
  • Community First plays a huge role in the foundation of their businesses
  • Finding something that keeps you grounded so the daily grind doesn't overpower fulfillment and joy
  • Organic ways to build the right clientele for your business

Looking Ahead

  • John embraces the New Mexico culture that has inspired his work with a special tribute
  • Laney learns the hardest entrepreneurial lesson - letting go in order to give her team the opportunity to step up and shine
  • A culinary school to serve the community
  • Building the One People's Kitchen model as a natural progression that many restaurants will follow in the post-pandemic world

 Muscle Creative Wrap-Up

  • If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life who would it be?  Both Laney & John: Spearhead
  • Where can people find you online? 
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