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Episode #18

Leveraging Quizzes to Triple Your Email List Growth

This week we chat with Wendy Jensen and Linda Sidhu of The Email Collection. This duo left full-time executive roles in their respective corporate careers to jump into entrepreneurship for something most of us crave - more time and schedule flexibility. What they found, after spending some time in an MLM, was that they could impact small business owners with the business acumen they absorbed along their career path. 

While most entrepreneurs were leveraging the hamster wheel of social media to grow their client-base, Wendy and Linda introduced them to the wild world of email marketing. They quickly discovered that many small business owners weren't adept at even the basics of email marketing, so they decided to create a course to teach it to them. When thinking of the best tool to leverage for lead gen in order to grow an audience for this upcoming course, they landed on quizzes.  A 60% conversion rate and a strategic partnership with quiz platform Interact later, this duo is flying high and ready to take their business to the next level, while helping other entrepreneurs along the way.

The Online Quiz as an Audience Personality Tool

  • How personalities play a big role in buying decisions
  • Leveraging the DiSC assessment model when creating quizzes to learn about your audience
  • Created email marketing templates for MLM team and network to use
  • Discovered the #1 obstacle facing entrepreneurs they were working with
  • Quickly learned they needed to teach email marketing from start to finish
  • Launched email marketing course 

Leveraging Quizzes as a Powerful Lead Gen Solution

  • Created a quiz to increase lead gen to market email marketing course to
  • Used the Interact platform, quiz had 60% conversion and a high share rate
  • How they landed a strategic partnership with Interact
  • Top 3 ways a quiz can grow your business

Creating a Successful Quiz: The Nuts and Bolts You Need to Know

  • Personalizing your marketing strategy through quizzes
  • How to tie a quiz to your product messaging in order to grow your list
  • The content you need to include on your quiz results page
  • The 3 common mistakes businesses make when creating a quiz and how to avoid them
  • 6 ways to get your quiz out there to new leads
  • How to use your quiz to segment and personalize your offers to your ICA

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up

  • If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life who would it be?
     Linda: The Lumineers
    Wendy: Eddie Vedder as musician but Odesza is always playing 
  • Where can people find you online? 
  • BONUS: Grab their latest quiz, 'How to Build the Perfect Lead Gen Based on your Pop Diva Personality' here. Upon completion of the quiz, you'll find tons of free, valuable content such as '10 Tips for Email Marketing'. 
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