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Episode #22

Growing a Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Business via Facebook Groups

Growing a group on Facebook can be a powerful tool in scaling a business, and, in the case of our guest this week, it can be the foundation of the business itself.  Erica Marie created and runs Erica's Steals & Finds VIP Group. We met via another successful entrepreneur and social media guru, Jasmine Star, who runs the company and group Social Curator.

Erica is a mom of four boys and when her youngest headed off to school, she realized she needed to do something for herself. Like many stay-at-home moms, she had dedicated her life to her kiddos and found she had lost herself along the way. Seeing 'influencers' posting pictures of perfect outfits, perfect homes, perfect lives started to make her feel badly, she wanted to create a safe space for women to be themselves.  She loved her friends, she loved shopping, so her deals Facebook group was born. 

In two years she has grown her group to over 45,000 women and has expanded her team to 5 virtual assistants. Take a look at our discussion highlights: 

The Business of Affiliate Programs

Attracting Members

  • Growing a deals group from 40 members to over 45K
  • The power of authentic posts and genuine community
  • Giveaways with specific incentives

COVID and Facebook Rules

  • Navigating Facebook rules for deal groups (and most groups that take traffic off the platform)
  • Posting 50-90 times a day with a shifting algorithm
  • The drastic drop in Amazon commission during COVID-19
  • Change of focus from cute clothes to personal care essentials and supplies

The Reality of Being an Entrepreneur

  • Continuing on no matter what, this is business #6
  • First two years reinvesting in the business
  • Working 16 hour days with a household of essential workers

Business Game Changers

  • Getting super clear on niche ideal customer
  • Tracking engagement on public page to grow private group
  • Encouraging group members to post their buys and experiences
  • Hiring help, Chalene Johnson's program 'How to Hire'
  • Empowering 5 overseas virtual assistants

 Growing an Email List

  • Suggested platform, Flodesk
  • Hosts strategic giveaways
  • Reminds audience that Facebook could shut them down, email is forever

 Moving Forward - Goals and Visions

  • Empower her team to grow and take on more 
  • Continue to increase the pay rate for her virtual assistants so they can buy homes, etc
  • Expand upon ways her group can impact the world

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up

If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life who would it be? The Offspring

Where can people find you online?

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