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Episode #25
From Corporate CFO to Six-Figure Digital Courses

You know when you meet someone and in the first five minutes you're like, 'oh yeah, we're gonna be friends'? That's Jamie Trull. (by the way, her name is not pronounced 'troll' and I know that…but listening to this in playback I totally pronounced it like that! Why?!) Anyway. Jamie is a corporate CFO and CPA-turned entrepreneur and founder of Balance CFO. 

After working for years for corporations with 90 hour work weeks during multi-billion dollar mergers, she had an epiphany - time is the most valuable commodity. She started her own company, Balance CFO, picking up multiple clients along the way. When she found that going out on her own resulted in multiple bosses instead of just the one at a corporate job, she started looking more seriously at digital courses. Jamie's heart is with small business owners, and her passion is to educate them on financial literacy and maximizing their profits to pay themselves more.

Discussion highlights:

The Male-Female Finance Divide

  • The huge difference between how genders approach business
  • The financial knowledge gap of women small business owners
  • The staggering '40% and 4%' statistic every small business owner should know…and change

Relatable Financial Literacy

  • The market for fun, relatable finance education
  • Leaving client work behind for profitable digital courses
  • Letting go of the money shame spiral

 1 to 1 vs. 1 to Many

  • The power of scalability and impact
  • Serving a larger audience through digital courses
  • How she landed a spot on Amy Porterfield's top business podcast, 'Online Marketing Made Easy'
  • The complete transformation of business and life in one year

Niche Down or Niche Up?

  • Starting with a very niche course idea
  • Niching up to a service your audience needs
  • Listening to clients, group members
  • Identifying a process that could become a course

 Exponential Growth Amidst COVID-19

  • Grew her Facebook group from 5,000 to over 28,000 members in 4 months
  • Shifting content to serve finance needs due to the pandemic
  • Identifying a need to educate small business owners through PPP, SBA loans and more

The Art of Supplying Value and the Sale

  • Showed up for her group consistently, educating via Facebook Lives
  • Realized new members needed a back to basics business finance course
  • Launched a $179 course, sold over 860, earned six-figures
  • Sold the course before building it to gauge interest

Cornerstones of a Six-Figure Digital Course Launch

  • The critical piece of content marketing
  • Tap into what members of your Facebook group need
  • Show up consistently and give value for free
  • Leverage Facebook group for list building
  • Growing an email list from 0 to over 24,000 within a year
  • The sales mindset shift

Moving Forward - Goals and Visions

  • Focus on automation to continue creating her ideal lifestyle
  • Maintain flexibility, especially through COVID-induced virtual learning

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up

If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? The Hamilton Soundtrack

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