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Episode #26
Scaling the Modern Digital Ad Agency

For many, working a 9-5 job or one with inflexible hours is just reality. Once something disrupts our flow, such as having children, we realize…hey, wait a minute. There are other, higher priority things I want to be doing with my time. 

This was the predicament of today's guest Salome Schillack, CEO/Founder of Shine and Succeed. Working as a pharmaceutical rep, Salome was tired of choosing between her income and her family. After attempting a coaching business, Salome dove into online course creation. (which by the way, she quit after her first course launch was not what she anticipated - more on that in this episode).  Salome now has a multiple six-figure Facebook ads agency, a membership, and online courses…all which serve the online course creator niche.

Discussion Highlights:

The Start

  • The rise and fall of an online coaching business
  • Launching her first online course for $2,000 in revenue after only spending $400 on Facebook ads…and quit
  • From Facebook ads side hustle to the start of a full Facebook ads agency

The Education

The Growth

  • Free clients from Facebook group networking
  • Started charging $500 a month, then $750, then $1500, then more to manage ads
  • Now has an full scale agency with employees and amazing clients
  • Niched down to serve digital course creators to build and scale their entire business with ads
  • Word of mouth referrals, course launch ads

 The Strategy 

  • Mission to help people get out of their jobs and not have to choose between a 9-5 job or being home with the kids 
  • Adjust their model to not run as an agency, has online courses and memberships too
  • Created the original Shine Show with female entrepreneurs and broadcasted from her phone
  • First course was Facebook Live Superstar 
  • Worked with online course creators as ads managers, saw the backend of people 20 steps ahead of her

 The Shift

  • Launched a course, A-Lister, during COVID-19
  • From key learnings, pivoted to a membership
  • Help students start earlier at a lower dollar value, so that over the course of a few months they get sustainable long term results

 The Action

  • Create your ad account, setup your pixel, set up your custom audiences
  • Run engagement ads consistently in the background, all the time
  • Build engagement, then build email list, and then build your launches
  • Create lead magnets that solve a problem that your ideal customer wants solved

The Mindset

  • Grateful for lessons learned and to learn; know you have learned enough now to keep going
  • The pros talk about the same thing for years, gaining mastery
  • Daily routine: Meditation, journaling, exercise 
  • Save social media and email for later - get to the meat of your day first thing

 The Future

  • Teach women to create more autonomy by creating more income, have more freedom
  • Grow the membership of students learning and using ads to make an impact
  • Teach students to be ads managers for online course creators

The Wrap-Up

If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? Beyonce

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