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Episode #29
A Kid's Print Publication Dedicated to Global Change

Our guest this week, Nadine Fonseca, is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mighty Kind. This beautiful publication, available in both print and digital versions, is a 'kid's magazine that focuses on developing kindness and empathy as a foundation for anti-bias education, global citizenship, and service.'

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nadine was surrounded by a thriving atmosphere of diversity and colorful culture. Having moved out of state with her husband and kiddos to the suburbs lacking this, she began to create experiences for her kids to learn about various cultures, diversity, and inclusion. She figured other parents would want this as well, so she surveyed over 500 parents from 22 different countries. The results from that survey sealed the deal and Mighty Kind was born.

The Start

  • Team of moms across 5 time zones
  • Launched the first issue September 2019 
  • Solidified internal messaging of what they stood for before anything else
  • Created their structure from four pillars
  • Identified a printer and fulfillment center
  • Leverage key apps and platforms to manage such a complex process of magazine production

The Shift

  • Due to COVID, partnerships with independent book stores has diminished
  • Challenge of ecommerce as people cannot touch and flip through their pages to feel and validate the price point as an educational resource

 The Strategy

  • Participating in online publicity opportunities such as IG story takeovers
  • Sales keeps them afloat but the work is the most important, the message, the mission
  • Partnering with charitable organizations and foundations to deliver their message

 The Action

  • Creatives can send submissions or collaboration interest via 
  • Tips for pitching to your content - run with the ideas they mention and make it your own
  • Focus on the thought and purpose behind your pitch
  • Craft your pitch in a way that is unique to you and your experiences

The Mindset

  • Lesson learned: embrace a compassionate mindset and the fact that some loved ones will support you in different ways
  •  Lesson learned: stop apologizing for trying to do something good and making yourself small in the process.
  • Give yourself grace. Map something out and allow the day to happen as it's going to happen. 
  • Goals and Vision 
    • Become a nonprofit organization with a team that spans countries, cultures, and voices
    • Create a foundation that funds great works focusing on social-emotional skills, antibias, antiracism, diversity and inclusion, mental health 
    • Fund service projects that are organically derived by young kids 

The Wrap-Up

If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? Whitney Houston

Where can people find you online?

** They are grant recipients from the iFund Women Foundation for Latinx and Hispanic-owned businesses. There is currently a live crowdfunding campaign here:

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