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Episode #31
Building a Business Through Podcasting

If you haven't heard the name Krystal Proffitt yet, you will. She is fast becoming one of the most sought after educators in podcasting. Her digital course, Proffitt Podcasting, is a step-by-step plan for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start, launch, and market their podcasts with confidence. The Poddy People monthly membership brings together a community of podcasters to collaborate and innovate, taking their podcasts to the next level. Krystal shares with us how this career came to be, as well as specific steps would-be podcasters should take when first starting out.

The Start

  • Left corporate to be a stay at home mom
  • After being a Pinterest-perfect mom didn't work out, she realized had to find something for herself
  • Started writing, journaling and unsuccessfully blogging
  • A blogger she followed started a podcast inspiring her to do the same
  • Launched her first podcast, The Rookie Life, correlated with her previous blog

The Shift

  • People started asking her questions about how podcasting worked
  • Started podcast coaching in 2019, jumped in with her new podcast, 'The Proffitt Podcast'
  • Launched her daily podcast, The Poddy Report, in March, focused on being transparent on what it takes to have a podcast
  • Didn't feel right promoting her course during COVID, launched a membership, 'The Poddy People' at a lower price point to support the community

 The Strategy

  • Focused on the value-add to listeners 
  • Was strategic about launching - timing and content
  • Evolved her format by listening to her audience
  • Included more success stories and insight from other podcasters
  • Conducts a half solo and half interview format

 The Action

  • Keep it simple!
  • Pick launch date, stick to it, and talk about it everywhere
  • Set a budget for yourself and reverse engineer necessary equipment
  • Manage expectations - use it as the marketing arm of your business
  • Practice recording yourself speak on your voice memos app on your phone
  • Before you launch, try to get on 4-5 podcasts to talk about your topic
  • Get over it and ask for people to subscribe or leave a rating or a review
  • Tools we talked about: 

 The Mindset

  • Her first book, 'Start a Binge Worthy Podcast' comes out October 20, 2020. Pre-order today!
  • Journals 30 minutes every morning, gets up at 5AM
  • Goals and Vision 
    • Simplifying a lot! 
    • Her membership is open for the rest of 2020 but in 2021 it will only be available to those in her digital course 

The Wrap-Up

If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? Alanis Morissette

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