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Episode #32
Etsy Expertise to Scale Your Business

Lauren Kilgore has found a perfect intersection of two online businesses - selling a product and teaching others how to sell products…on one of the most popular platforms out there. Lauren founded Beautiful Wreaths and Etsy Expertise after fielding many questions around the Etsy platform via her successful wreath making business.

The Start

  • Accountant by trade, made wreaths for fun on the side
  • Started as a wreath maker in 2014 after encouragement from family and friends
  • Started an Etsy shop and Facebook page on the same day
  •  Joined wreath making groups to connect and learn

The Shift

  • Many in the Facebook groups were asking how to use Etsy to increase their sales
  •  Found herself in there a lot answering questions about the Etsy platform
  • Realized there was a hole in the market 
  • Due to the pandemic, businesses were moving online and needed help 
  • Discovered online sales far outweighed those of craft shows (and COVID shut those down)

 The Strategy

  • Developed 2 digital courses: one for Esty beginners, and another one for those already online but not hitting their sales goals
  • First three things to do for those just starting out (hint: SEO, SEO, SEO)
  • Two main keyword tools for Etsy: eRank and Marmalead 
  • Top marketing tactics for those growing their Etsy shop
  • Social media strategy for handmade sellers (Pinterest - the forgotten tool for many)

 The Action

  • The 80/20 rule for content posting on social media 
  • Brand awareness, consistency and cross-platform visibility
  • Leveraging video
  • Tools for email list building

 The Mindset

  • Breaking out of your niche, while still connecting to your niche
  • Fave part of having an online business - not working to build someone else's dream
  • Goes for a walk/run for a clear head, strives to have a clear workspace, outsourced house cleaning
  • Goals and Vision 
    • Met her big goal of replacing her full time income, so now has to set a new revenue and dream goal. 
    • Help others to have the success she has had with their own businesses, have the same feeling of pride and joy that she has 

 The Wrap-Up

If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? Michael Jackson

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