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Episode #33
Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Our guest this week, Claire Davis, started out as a corporate warrior. After multiple lay-off situations (we joked that this episode was more like a cautionary tale) she turned to entrepreneurship. Claire founded Traction Resumes and began focusing on being a career coach and resume writer for professionals. She shows them how to expand their network strategically, what to include in a compelling resume, and how to interview for success. We discuss how all of this translates for small business owners, including how to frame your LinkedIn personal and business profile to attract the clients you want.

The Start

  • Grew up in CA with entrepreneurial parents Saw budding candidates coming in, some needed more guidance than others
  • Graduated from Ohio University with a Journalism degree
  • Impacted by several layoffs, reevaluated her career path

The Shift

  • Founded her own career coaching and resume writing business
  • COVID-19 has rocked the job market, causing an increase in her business
  • Teaches professionals a viable way to continue to grow their career despite obstacles

The Strategy

  • Industries such as Hospitality, Oil and Gas may be changed forever due to COVID
  • Reviews her client's work experience - focusing on how it translates as value in their career
  • Leveraging expertise, translating it to other industries

The Action

  • LinkedIn profile should focus on the value you bring
  • A clear title and value statement by your name as well as testimonials are powerful tools on LI
  • what problem do we uniquely solve for our customer
  • LinkedIn features to check out - voice memos and stories
  • Post value-laden content frequently on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is a largely untapped networking platform for entrepreneurs when compared to FB and IG
  • Consistent, intentional, genuine, messages each day on LI is a solid way to increase your network and client-base

The Mindset

  • Start before you're ready!
  • Having an online business uniquely positions entrepreneurs to have expansive reach and a supportive community
  • Works with a fitness and nutrition coach, time blocks her calendar each morning
  • Goals and Vision 

The Wrap-Up

If you could only listen to one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? Steely Dan

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