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Episode #39
Chiropractic Practice Owner and Single-Mom to Author

This week we have Dr. Andrea Luise, owner of Lakeway Spine Center and author. Andrea has been a practicing chiropractor for 17 years and for the past 8 years has been the sole owner of her practice and a single mom. An insightful question from her daughter two years ago sent her down the path of becoming a published author.

The Start

  • School focused on the science of chiropractic even though they were told 60% of chiropractors fail in business…there was no business aspect of their education
  • Practiced for 2 years in Virginia before moving to Texas
  • Fell into entrepreneurship after she and her then husband (also a chiropractor) weren't happy with jobs or prospects

The Shift

  • Single mom and sole business owner was never on her radar
  • All her eggs are in one basket, pandemic has made it nerve-wracking
  • A lot of pivoting during the pandemic, changed protocols completely
  • A major part of the business, massage therapy, was shut down for 2 months, chiropractic was limited (just acute patients)
  • Down about 80% for 2 1/2 months
  • Two years ago, daughter asked her, 'Mom, what would you be if you could be anything?' and 'Author' flew out of her mouth, surprising them both
  • Concept for book evolved over the pandemic with all the extra time

The Strategy

  • Narrative driven non-fiction style book - inter weaving personal experiences/life with life in her practice and themes that keep coming up with the patients that she treats
  • Started by getting used to writing, sitting down and writing to strengthen that muscle
  • Took a class called Author School, led by literary agent Rachele Gardner (Jen Hatmaker's literary agent) 8-week course taught you to go from typing on your laptop by yourself to being on the shelves at a book store. 
  • Learned how important building your platform is, learning how to connect, meet other writers, find her people.

The Action

  • At first, hiring was on craigslist to find a massage therapist, front desk help, office coordinators but now it's Indeed and local Facebook pages
  • To get chiropractic clients: 
    • Mostly word of mouth 
    • Weekly post on social media for local Facebook sites, and Instagram post on Small Business Tuesday 
    • Some print work (hit or miss, people not reading as much mail as they used to) 
    • Local neighborhood newsletters 
    • Great group of doctors that refer patients to her regularly 
  • To build audience and community around her upcoming book, having a strong following if trying to publish traditionally is expected. 
    • Focused on building that following 
    • Huge underground community of bookstagrammers that support each other 

The Mindset

  • Up at 5 or 5:30am to work out
  • Lunch break to decompress, reading and breathing 
  • Compartmentalize loose ends at work so the can be present at home
  • Prayers and gratitude at bedtime
  • Goals and Vision 
    • For the practice - maintain a good team, keep the practice moving forward 
    • For writing - start the query process, become represented and published 

The Wrap-Up

If you could listen to one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? U2

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