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Episode #4  

Coming Back After Unraveling a Business After 10 Years of Success

If you've ever wondered how to create a business from scratch after relocating your family out-of state, within an industry you have no experience in, expand that business into multiple markets, win multiple awards and esteemed recognition, and still have it going strong more than ten years later, this is the podcast episode for you. 

This week we're chatting with Wade Lombard, co-founder of Square Cow Movers. In this episode, Wade is super transparent not only regarding what it takes to set out on your own to start a business but also to then see sustainable growth followed by severe setbacks stemming from said exponential growth. Wade and his team built a strong business in 10 years that almost completely unraveled in 18 months. Their ingenuity and getting back to basics strategy saved their business and gave them the leadership tools to handle other obstacles...such as leading an essential business through the global pandemic of COVID-19.

In this episode learn:


  • How an essential service continues to operate amidst COVID-19
  • The most important message to give your customer-facing team in uncertain times

Kicking Off a Business

  • Tentpoles to consider and measure when choosing an industry to enter
  • How identifying key cornerstones for your company and ensuring your team lives and breathes them, plays in company growth

Identifying & Managing Pitfalls

  • Turning your business around once it gets off track - financially and organizationally
  • Identifying problem areas and prioritizing which to tackle first
  • Why the small things matter the most
  • How hard years prepared them to handle the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What leadership means and when things get hard
  • Why considering growth a strategy could mean the start of your business's downfall

Growing a Strong and Sustainable Business After Conflict

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up

  • Favorite CrossFit Movement: Double-Unders
  • If you could only listen to one music artist the rest of your life who would it be: Justin Timberlake

You can find Wade and more information on Square Cow Movers here:

Wade Lombard on LinkedIn
Wade has graciously offered to connect with our podcast audience of entrepreneurs via email: [email protected]

Square Cow Movers Website

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