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Episode #42
Crushing 2021 with a Business Mindset

With 2021 a mere three days away, goal-setting is critical...but keeping your mind correct is instrumental to even having a chance at accomplishing those goals.

This week we ask the question, 'What does mindset have to do with creating content that attracts your ideal clients?' From the moment we launch something, whether it's a product or a new service, we want it to be perfect, so perfect that it typically doesn't even get launched because it never lives up to our expectations. We're constantly tinkering with it, editing it, making it better. 

In this episode we talk about how we all need to suck before we can improve:

  • failing as an essential part of the learning process
  • how a business mindset should challenge your perceived limitations
  • how identifying your fears can help progress
  • the importance of your 'why'
  • creating a productive morning routine
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