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Episode #44
From Corporate to Online Entrepreneur: Trading in the Corner Office for a Home Office

This week's guest was successful in accomplishing what so many would-be online entrepreneurs work toward - shifting from their full-time job to creating their own online business. Veronica Sagastume is a content strategist for accountants and bookkeepers who moved from her lucrative CFO corporate career to running her own business - trading her corner office for her home office. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Veronica's entrepreneurial journey took many twists and turns impacted by her own aspirations as well as necessary environmental dynamics (COVID, anyone?). 

Discussion Highlights:

The Start

  • College graduate, climbed the corporate ladder
  • Moved up quickly in fast-paced San Francisco and Silicon Valley
  • Software and technology, CFO

The Shift

  • Loved the work but working 16 hour days took its toll
  • Negative impact on health, priorities, relationships
  • Something had to give, had to find a solution

The Strategy

  • Left corporate job to start her consulting business
  • Quality of life changed, aided her ailing grandmother
  • Nurtured network from past and present to build business connections
  • Prioritized those as to who would benefit most from her service
  • Leveraging LinkedIn voice messaging to increase engagement conversions with network

The Action

  • Reached a cap of trading time for money, only so many hours in the day
  • Came up with a productized/standard offer that doesn't depend on her physical time
  • Researched, interviewed, and hired a business coach to accelerate progress
  • Turned business 100% remote
  • Identified when and how to hire

The Mindset

  • Gratitude in the morning
  • Morning structure gives freedom throughout the day
  • No phone or social media first thing
  • Time blocks calendar
  • Goals and Vision: 
    • Work with her niche (accountants, tax preparers, bookkeepers) to help them train themselves/team to handle content creation 
    • Launching an on-demand workshop in Q1 2021 
    • Launching an inclusive digital course with office hours during Summer 2021 to help students create content to convert clients  

The Wrap-Up

If you could listen to one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? Bee Gees

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