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Episode #45
Video Personalization for Incredible Business Growth 

You can call this week's guest 'Papa Bear' or Matt - which pretty much gives you a great indication of his personality. Matt Barnett is the CEO (Papa Bear) of Bonjoro. Bonjoro supports businesses in 'sparking meaningful conversations and powerful, lasting relationships with their customers' via personalized videos…but that's just the start. The company is currently building the world's first Customer Delight platform. 

We. 👏  Are. 👏  Here. 👏  For. 👏 It. 

Matt and team are perfectly positioned to bring businesses and customers closer with a personal touch to surprise and delight…and not in a creepy way.  😉

While remote connection was already building within various industries via video meetings and the like, COVID-19 accelerated the need, and now Bonjoro is taking it a step further. Differentiating your company from the rest of the pack is critical, especially as we begin to shed the pandemic blanket and embrace ways to navigate this unexpected curveball. Genuinely connecting with your customers through personalization is critical, and it seems that Bonjoro is leading the way.

Discussion Highlights:

The Start

  • Designer/artist in London
  • Moved to Australia, started an agency
  • Dealt with a lot of sites overseas, so predominantly London, Paris, New York,  was generally about 12 hours out of sync on time zones
  • Developed a way to send individualized videos to every single lead that came into their funnel to make a solid connection
  • Tripled the response rate with these quirky, personalized videos regardless of the time zone

The Shift

  • Realized these personalized videos were actually a service their customers wanted for themselves
  • This new arm overtook the original business within about 18 months 
  • COVID only accelerated this process - remote communication was already happening but now it was a necessity
  • Since remote communication was now required the need to personalize it was that much more valuable

The Strategy

  •  Supporting traditionally face-to-face industries
  • How ecommerce and digital industries fly past their competitors with personalized video
  • Putting human connection and relationships at the forefront 
  • Leveraging video messages to create sustained, loyal customers
  • The key points of time to send personalized videos within your funnel - engagement, retention, referral
  • Key tips on making the best personalized videos (authenticity is crucial)

The Action

  •  Think big, take small steps, don't be afraid of making mistakes, go with your idea and test, test, test
  • If starting a business, have at least 10 different ideas
  • Network around you - find other entrepreneurs at your level and one step ahead of you

The Mindset

  • Starts every day at 5am - conducts conversations early in the day
  • Structured first half of the day
  • Stops at certain times to spend with family
  • Build structure into your culture, encourage your team to have time outside of work
  • Structure, but open to sacrifice for certain goals
  • Goals and Vision 
    • Automating processes, not relationships. 
    • Looking at further ways, different mediums, to help our customers engage and delight their customers. Turn them into super fans, build great relationships, and drive more customers.  

The Wrap-Up

If you could listen to one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? London Elektricity

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