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Episode #47
How to Bring Your Story to the Stage

From an abusive home in a communist country to a keynote speaker and author, our guest this week took even herself by surprise. Csilla Muscan is an international speaker, author, and founder of Magnify Your Message Training Programs. Inspired by her challenging up bringing and encouragement from others, Csilla embarked on a career path that first terrified her, but now brings her peace. She dedicates her time to helping passionate women with a powerful message find their unique voice and share their story…unashamed and unapologetically.

The Start

  • Native Hungarian born in Romania
  • Grew up in a Communist country where using your own voice and thinking for yourself was "not a thing"
  • Highly abusive upbringing, felt her voice didn't matter
  • Grew up in a musical home and was encouraged to sing
  • Auditioned for a music group and toured Europe and the U.S. 

The Shift

  • As small portions of her story came out, people wanted to hear more
  • Developed the ability to step onstage and speak
  • Grew passionate about helping women to own their voice, their stories, their message and confidently take it to the stage 

The Strategy

  • Enrolled in John Maxwell's certification program
  • At first, accepted all speaking opportunities then honed audience
  • All speaking and singing opportunities came to a halt due to COVID
  • Her online audience grew and she began listening to the questions they were asking like, 'how are you so clear in your message?' and 'how do I prepare a presentation?' and "how are you so natural on camera?"

The Action

  • Created an online training program and community in direct response to her online audience, '90 Day Speaker's Accelerator'
  • When getting clear on your message, ask yourself three things, "what's my passion?'  "what do you have expertise/experience in?" "what is the market searching for?'
  • Have a mentor or coach that is a few steps ahead of you (not so far ahead that they've forgotten how they handled it when they were where you are)
  • Make a list of 100 people to connect with - interact with them, serve, grow that relationship
  • Ask for opportunities
  • Ask for feedback
  • Start before you're ready

The Mindset

  • Strong morning routine
  • Wake up at 5AM, journal/write goals, read Bible, read book - currently Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson
  • Exercise
  • Plan out day
  • Goals and Vision 
    • Narrowing focus for 2021 
    • Launching '90 Day Speaker's Accelerator'  

The Wrap-Up

If you could listen to one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? Whitney Houston 

Where can people find you online? Magnify Your Message Website  


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