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Episode #48
The Non-Negotiable Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs

Back in my late 90s/early 2000s start-up days - the 'real' dotcom start-up days that can never be recreated (and that's prob a good thing haha) - it was almost like a badge of honor to burn out.

If you weren't burned out, if you didn't spend the night in the office, if you didn't eat, sleep, breathe, your next project or product launch...were you even a true dotcommer?

It was like a rite of passage to regale stories of how your last website launch almost killed you. It was just an understanding - your personal life was secondary. Your health was relegated to whatever you could find in a bottle (medicinal or otherwise).

Today, things have changed. I can't see how things could have kept going down the path that they were - it wasn't sustainable.

While there are still some industries that probably work their people to the ground, most seem to be behind the #selfcare movement.

In each of our podcast episodes I ask every entrepreneur, 'With everything you are juggling between business and personal life, what fuels you? What practices do you incorporate in your regular routine to keep going and avoid burn out?'

I did a training for our private Facebook group a few months ago on this very topic, sharing some of the answers given by these successful entrepreneurs. We're featuring the audio version here as our latest podcast episode.

I feel it's that important - if we are all going to carry on and build strong, sustainable businesses to serve the solution we set out to serve...we MUST take care of ourselves. And not just once in awhile, we've gotta do things that consistently refuel us.

What do you do to refuel? Send me a note at [email protected] and let me know.

For the full video training, head over to our Facebook group, 'Start and Scale an Online Business'.


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