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Episode #5  
Food Network's Kids Baking Championship Star and Kid-preneur on Biz and Life

This week we chat with baker extraordinaire, kid entrepreneur, and finalist on Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship Season 6, Madison Totaro, as well as her mom and 'Momager', Mindy Totaro.

It continues to be a strange time as at the time of this recording, Austin, TX had just begun their quarantine lockdown and students were beginning ‘distance learning’ as school buildings were closed. We had a delightful conversation covering how COVID-19 is impacting their family as well as a closer look on what it takes to be a successful kid entrepreneur.

In this episode discover: 

The Impact of COVID-19

  • Tips on how to keep kids productive during COVID-19
  • Insight on helping kiddos with different personalities manage distance learning
  • Madison’s view on coping with a quarantine

How the Baking Began

  • What influenced Madison in catching the baking bug at a young age
  • How her neighbor’s love of sweet treats inspired her baking business
  • The next ingredient that Madison will be experimenting with

The Kids Baking Championship Experience

  • How Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship came about
  • Did they really say that? How Madison’s parents let her know she made it on the show
  • How Madison juggled school, her business, and keeping the secret of taping the show under wraps
  • The one treatment Madison and Mindy would pamper themselves with each off day during taping
  • How Madison handles the challenges that come with being well-known from a television show
  • Madison’s favorite part of being involved with the show
  • Mindy’s biggest challenge as a parent having a kiddo on a national show
  • The one ritual they would do every day before Madison would go on set

Building a Business as a Kid Entrepreneur

  • How Madison’s business nurtures her philanthropic spirit
  • What makes up Madison’s daily routine for success
  • Creating something of your own vs. improving upon something already out there
  • Managing the financial side of the business
  • Tips from Mindy for parents with a kiddo that wants to be an entrepreneur – the one thing to focus on
  • Tips from Madison for kids who want to start their own business
  • Next steps for Madison and how she’s expanding beyond traditional baking

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up

  • Favorite thing for Madison to bake: cakes or cupcakes because she can let her creativity fly!
  • Favorite thing for Mindy to eat that Madison bakes: ummm...everything?
  • If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life who would it be?
    Mindy – Maroon 5 (Adam Levine…swoon)
    Madison – Meghan Trainor (coincidentally on tour with Adam Levine)

You can find Madison and see what she’s up to here:


For more info on Food Network's Kids Baking Championship, Season 6, click here.

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