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Episode #50
Double-Digit Growth During Crisis 

Where do I start with this one? Andrew Rincon is owner of CraigO's Pizza & Pastaria in Lakeway, TX, currently one of the four independently owned locations in the Austin area. I was told of his heart and solid character and that we had to have him on the show! Our discussion reiterated what others had told me - heart of gold, this one. We discussed so much that is so valuable for fellow business owners to hear - Andrew is incredibly transparent.

Not sure if you've seen the news (or experienced it first-hand), but Texas was hit with historic snowfall, ice, and sub-zero temperatures in mid February. For a state that essentially never sees such weather, most were ill-prepared. Hundreds of thousands were without power, others were without water - some were without both…for DAYS. We discuss how Andrew, his team, and friends stepped up to serve the community during this time.

Discussion Highlights: 

The Start

  • Started in the restaurant business in 2006 at CraigO's
  • Made the move to owning an insurance agency
  • School, west Texas
  • The restaurant business kept calling!

 The Shift

  • He answered the call!
  • Bought the CraigO's Lakeway location in 2018
  • Over three years grew the business exponentially (we're talking consistent double-digit growth year over year)
  • Successfully navigated a global pandemic and a snowstorm that shut down the city

The Strategy

  • Implemented out-of-the-box ideas to thrive in the face of COVID-19 restrictions
  • Shifted a business model mid-pandemic
  • Discovered the foundation required to thrive in the midst of catastrophic challenges
  • Adopted new tools such as Popmenu

The Action

  • Steps to streamline a franchise for increased efficiency and productivity
  • Implemented best operational practices for a growing brand and business
  • The tweak to their marketing strategy that changed everything
  • The power of the email list 

The Mindset

  • Really unplug when not at work. And take off your Apple Watch!
  • Take time to recharge
  • Cook for loved ones
  • Meet-up with local business owners

The Wrap-Up

If you could listen to one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? Turnpike Troubadours

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