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Episode #53
Connect with Copy: Grow Your Clientele 

I've noticed this funny thing that happens when businesses start talking to their audience. They turn into robots.  

Picture it:  you're having a conversation with a friend. Letting them know what you're up to, your latest project. You're excited about it, detailing how it's going to help your customer base, how it's a game changer, who it's for, why you created it… Your friend is intrigued by your project and is excited for it simply because of your energy and excitement in telling them all about it.


You go and post about it on social media. Or you send an email. Or describe it on your website. It's like your passion and excitement come to a screeching halt. 

The way you describe your project/product/service is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than how you described it to you friend. The excitement and emotion are gone.


Why do we think we need to switch into 'sterile-corporate' mode when we talk to the public? And not any public but a curated group that have made the decision to be in our community, whether a social media follower, email subscriber or the like.

Obviously you need to 'read the room.' On the opposite end, I've seen people get too casual and not know their audience. Greeting an audience with , 'Hey girl hey!' might not get you too far depending upon their temperature/vibe. 

In this podcast episode:

  • I teach you all about my 'Copysation' strategy 
    • How to connect with your audience through an organic, continuing conversation 
    • How to talk with them and not at them 
    • How this connection increases your revenue of more what I like to call 'heart-eyed' customers
  • I also give you my 'Triple P Strategy'
    • These are three questions I ask myself before I write anything
    • These points need to be sorted out before pen hits paper or finger hits keyboard

Before you write anything else, listen to this training and implement it. It will make a world of difference in your audience connection and response.

Let me know when you make these changes and the positive impact you see from it!

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