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Episode #54
5 Qualities of Super Clickable Email Subject Lines 

If you've been listening to this podcast or have tuned into my live trainings you know that I am all bout growing your email list. And not just growing your email list full of whatever emails you can get on it, but growing your email list full of targeted, actual people that you think will benefit from the information that you're giving them, and that might be interested n your products or services down the line once you develop a relationship. 


I always say grow an email list, because growing an audience on just on Facebook, or Instagram or any of the other platforms comes with a long-term challenge. And it's a pretty big one. You don't own those platforms, right? So the if the algorithm changes again, which it will, if Zuckerberg or whoever decides to shut it down, you're screwed. Because you don't own those followers. 


But your email list? That is your crew, those are your people. So I always teach people to start an email list and how to do it. And then some people are like, "That's awesome. But nobody is opening my emails."


 So with that, is obviously your subject line is kind of like first line of defense, right?  Why write such amazing content that's really going to help people if it's just gonna kind of languish and collect dust in their inbox? 


This podcast episode all about the email subject line. In this episode I'm teaching you the five qualities of super clickable email subject lines.  I also created a download that gives you all this information as well and a little activity to do to help you create an mail subject line bank, so that you can  pull from that when you need it. 


Ready to see your email open rate hit the high heavens? Let's get to it!


Grab your download, '5 Qualities of "I Can't Open This Fast Enough" Email Subject Lines' here!

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