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Episode #55
Self-Publishing a Book 

Ever wondered what goes in to self-publishing a book? I have heard from so many entrepreneurs, especially over the past year, who are finally starting to dust off their book idea(s) and turn them into reality.

Our guests this week, Miriam Wagliardo (published author and tradeshow event producer) and Nancy Giammarco (published author, illustrator and sound engineer) did just that. They tell us all about the steep learning curve of the process, tools they used, their first 'COVID' marketing phase, and their plans for getting their book into the mainstream post-pandemic. 

The Start

  • Miriam: dancing ballet professionally and teaching, singer in a band, interior design, tradeshow event producer
  • Nancy:  Marketing degree, website design, guitars/keyboards/backing vocals in bands, sound engineer
  • The two met with Miriam's band The Mojo Dolls

The Shift

  • Nancy had written and illustrated a book, Under the Purple Sea, and posted drawings to Facebook
  • These drawings inspired Miriam to reach out to Nancy to collaborate

 The Strategy

  • Miriam's vivid dreams would be the foundation of the book
  • The process they created to get this book finished - remotely and during COVID

The Action

The Mindset

  • Nancy:  To recharge - walking the dog (check out stories of her dog Tuff here), weightlifting, and practice illustrating everyday. Read, study, take classes to learn new elements of illustration
  • Miriam: To recharge - working out (especially crucial when recovering from a serious car accident in 2016), painting, sewing
  • Goals and Vision
    • Working on their next book
    • Implement marketing campaign once COVID restrictions lift, including international elements

The Wrap-Up

If you could listen to one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Miriam - Journey

Nancy - Fleetwood Mac

Where can people find you online?

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