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Episode #56
7 Ways Email Marketing is Catapulting Your Competitors Ahead 

Remind me again why you're not using email marketing in your business? Is it because for every $1 spent it returns an average of $35? Or could it be because almost 60% of consumers say that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions? Or maybe it's because almost 50% of Americans subscribe to email lists?

If you've been following me or listening to this podcast for any length of time, you know that when I say 'email marketing' I'm not talking about the email marketing strategies of decades past. I'm talking about real connection (yes, copysation - get the behind-the-scenes info on that in episode #53, 'Connect with Copy: Grow Your Clientele') - not just throwing up some lame promo image and copy that creates the ick factor.

 In this episode I break it down for you - the 7 ways your competitors are leveraging email marketing and sliding right on past you. From the astounding number of people using email to how much email absolutely CRUSHES the performance of social media, to the conversions businesses enjoy with this tool, I cover a lot of ground in just a few short minutes. NOTE: this is an excerpt of a training I did live in a private Facebook group. For the full training with video, head here.

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