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Episode #59
Shift or Shut-Down: What's Best for Your Business?

You have probably asked yourself this question multiple times in the past year, a few times this part quarter, and maybe even a couple of times this week: 

Do I need to shift (or shut down) my business?

After having sooooo many conversations with entrepreneurs via this podcast, in my Facebook group, in my courses, on social media…one of the main common threads has been - "this is how I realized I need to make a change in my business." 

In fact, I don't think I have spoken to a business owner in the past year that hasn't made an intentional shift. 

This week I go over some of my own pivots over the years and these top 3 indicators that a shift or shutdown may be needed:

  • How to identify if the passion is dead or if it can be reignited
  • Business or hobby - making sure you have a validated business that can thrive with some tweaks
  • Does your business still fit your lifestyle and goals?

Send me a note at [email protected] and tell me - what changes are you considering? What decisions have you made?

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