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Episode #64
How Political Speech-Writing Can Grow Your Business

Where do I even start with our guest this week? For 13 years Matt Zaun worked in the political arena as a speech writer - helping politicians with debate prep, speech writing and overall messaging. For the past 5 years, Matt has taken critical pieces of that experience and applied them to helping small and medium business owners catapult their businesses to new heights. How? Matt is a Story Strategist that works with CEOs, executives and business leaders to use their story to inspire their audiences to action. Listen in on how these skills can fundamentally change your business…NOW.

The Start

  • Background in politics
  • Debate prep, political speech writing for over a decade

The Shift

  • For the past 5 years, running his own business as a Story Strategist
  • Took key learnings from the political messaging arena and is applying them to business

The Strategy

  • Teaches these strategies to CEOs, executives, and sales professionals
  • Critical components of constructing political messaging fundamentally changes small and medium-sized businesses for the better

The Action

  • Building a story bank
  • How to leverage an emotional POV (point-of-view) in business to connect with customers
  • The art of connecting stories to emotion for exponential business growth
  • Looking at personal stories vs. business stories
  • The #1 thing Pixar is doing right
  • Why company core values are a waste of time

The Mindset

  • The importance of a solid, organized calendar - app suggestion CalenGoo
  • Setting daily habits - app suggestion Way of Life
  • Seeing the path to achieving goals as a map
  • Goals and Vision
    • Building back up public speaking calendar - already booked until the end of the year
    • Launching more VIP packages to clients

The Wrap-Up

  • If you could listen to one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be? Bob Dylan
  • Where can people find you online?
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