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Episode #7  
The Merging of Rock Star Life and Slow Food - How This Power Couple Makes It Work

This episode has an additional layer of specialness to it, as Muscle Creative's own Joey Ramirez is reunited (via Zoom) with his best friend since he was a little tike. This week we welcome serial entrepreneurs, Gabriel Gonzalez and Maya Sanchez.

Gabe and Maya have a variety of business interests that they are in the process of expertly weaving together.

Gabe's background is in music; having been a member of many bands, the most recent of which have been El Paso-based Sparta and Sleepercar. Music has been a steady constant in his life and career as he has owned a recording studio, opened a live music venue in El Paso with partner Jim Ward (also of Sparta and Sleepercar) called Tricky Falls as well as bar Bowie Feathers. Gabe continues to build his business in music via recording, sound engineering live and studio projects, as well as mixing, producing, and recording client material. In addition, he offers a mobile service where he can meet clients at their location.

Maya's background and career is one for the record books (literally). After a career as a post production commercial producer in Los Angeles (where she also grew up), she moved to her hometown of San Elizario to start her own business. In addition to running an event venue, Presidio Hall, her vision is to grow a farm-based restaurant and destination experience, focused on sustainable agriculture. In parallel to all of this, Maya was instrumental in the incorporation of the city of San Elizario and was elected the city's first mayor. Yes. She is basically a queen and we should all bow to her. 

Aligning Multiple Business Ventures

  • Juggling the trifecta: established business, new businesses, working full-time
  • What motivated Gabe to take a break from touring and start a business
  • How Maya saw an opportunity to make a difference in the San Elizario and El Paso communities
  • Ways to ensure various businesses are aligned, carefully selecting opportunities that build their brand

Moving Ahead Through Obstacles

  • Obstacles experienced as a trailblazer, introducing the local community to a new and unique business
  • Knowing when to end a business and lessons learned in doing so
  • Impact of COVID-19 on an events-based business and a music production business
  • How to adjust a business model to survive in a changing economic landscape
  • The top key strategy to help ensure your business is nimble and sustainable

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up

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