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Episode #79

Choosing the Best Email Marketing Platform for Your Business

It might surprise you to hear this but: you don't need a fancy website and logo to get your business going…nor to grow it substantially.

Honestly, creating your email list is one of the most important things to do early on. Grabbing an email service provider and then creating a landing page or two, one with info about your offer and another to gate your lead magnet to collect email addresses of those in your ideal, targeted community. (I'll be doing a separate podcast episode regarding the technical and content side of lead magnets)

I looked at over 60 email marketing platforms (even I was surprised at how many email marketing platforms are out there) and whittled that list down to six for you to consider. Links are below (in order of beginner to advanced - sort of). 


In this episode I go over some soft and hard skills that your ultimate choice should have a checklist of what to consider when you're looking at email marketing platforms:

  • ease of use
  • customer service
  • pricing structure
  • segmentation

For data analytics, see more on this in episode 58, "The 3 Email Metrics that Matter" here!

For an all-in-one toolkit to starting your online business including:

  • Choosing a business formation
  • Selecting a website platform
  • Finding the best email marketing platform for your business
  • Choosing a project management platform
  • Setting up a business bank account
  • Managing a business alongside life

check out my digital course, "Online Business On-Ramp" here

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