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Episode #8
Celebrity Hair Stylist Turned Solopreneur and Single Mom

One of the most loved industries that has been one of the most impacted during the global pandemic has been hair salons. I can tell you (from personal experience) that when public officials call a press conference to announce the gradual and safe re-opening of local businesses that many of us are on the edge of our seats to hear when we can get our hair done. (Especially those of us with grey hairs that have a mind of their own. Why are those hairs so wiry and untamable?) 

We are overjoyed to have Rita Fellers of Rita Fellers Hair as our guest this week. It just so happened that on the day we recorded this, Texas Governor Abbott had announced the first phase of 're-opening the state' - which did not include hair salons. Since then, he surprisingly accelerated the plan for salons to open, sending many to scramble for required supplies and to put necessary safety protocols into place.

Rita has been practicing hair (styling and coloring) for over twenty years. She honed her craft in Los Angeles, fast-tracking her way to success working with a variety of celebrities and training under highly respected stylists. After pausing her career to dedicate herself as a stay at home mom, she jumped back in to create the successful business she has today. Here's a quick highlight of our discussion:

COVID-19 Impact

  • Initial reaction to Governor Abbott's re-opening of the state for businesses
  • What her business might look like once she returns to the salon
  • Safety measures to take with her clients moving forward

Building a Business in Hair

  • How she found herself with a career in hair
  • Managing working with celebrities and doing hair for bi-coastal events
  • She shampooed Morrisey's hair you guys!
  • The art, psychology, and therapeutic aspect of hair

Strategic Insights for Entrepreneurs

  • Implementing your vision to achieve your goals
  • Sharing your inspiration and business via social media
  • Supporting other small business entrepreneurs
  • Daily meditation and gratitude, and reflection

Transitioning Back Into Your Career After Being a Stay at Home Mom

  • Going back to school 
  • Personal belief and managing fear
  • The importance of confidence in your pricing
  • Empowering women through hair
  • The critical need to ask for help, especially as mom entrepreneurs

Looking Ahead - What's Next for Rita

  • Clear vision of what her business plan entails for the future
  • The effectiveness of writing down your goals to manifest
  • The hair trend of 2020 (once we can all get our hair done)

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up

  • If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life who would it be? The Rolling Stones
  • Where can people find you online?
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