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Episode #9
Real Estate Success the Innovative Way During COVID-19 and Beyond

The real estate industry is one in which many flock to with aspirations of financial gains, schedule flexibility, and fulfillment by helping others. Our guests this week, Sarah and Stephen George of Magnolia Realty (yes, the same Magnolia of the infamous Chip and Jo Gaines) take this to a whole other level. Coming from different backgrounds and family lifestyles, these two weave their strong feelings of the importance of a home and all it stands for, their passion to serve, and their dedication to their family throughout their realty business.

This episode was recorded when our state of Texas was just days away from phase 1 of re-opening amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As real estate is about as social and face-to-face business as they come, it was interesting to hear how they shifted during this time to continue to grow, not just maintain, their lucrative business by leveraging technology solutions as well as amping up their client service offerings.

Here's a quick overview of our discussion (which included a lot of laughs along the way):

COVID-19 Impact

  • Transitioning a social, face-to-face business to virtual while keeping client care intact
  • Virtual tours and open houses, zoom meetings, Facetime walkthroughs
  • A day-in-the-life of helping out-of-state buyers during the pandemic
  • The impact on the Austin real estate market

Shifting Within an Industry in Flux

  • Three big reasons why people are choosing to move now 
  • Creative ways to offer support in new ways to clients
  • Virtual/technology solutions that might stick around in the real estate industry post-pandemic

Business Insights

  • The 4 key pieces to the art of a people-centric business
  • Helping clients identify what will work and what won't
  • Transitioning to real estate from another career track
  • Running a business with your spouse...successfully, and during quarantine

Entrepreneur Journey

  • Turning would-be crazy ideas into realistic sustainable businesses
  • 3 steps to take to transition from the corporate world to building your own business
  • How community is critical when going out on your own
  • Daily routines that help intention rather than just 'winging it'
  • Making a constantly changing and fluid schedule work with business, kids, and distance learning

What's Next for Sarah and Stephen

  • Their big goals moving forward (exciting!)
  • Their vision will impact Austin and the surrounding areas in a big way

Muscle Creative Wrap-Up

  • If you could listen to only one music artist for the rest of your life who would it be?
    Sarah: Lauryn Hill
    Stephen: The Beatles
  • Where can people find you online?
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