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Episode #91

Injecting Humor to Connect and Sell

Sami Miles, founder of Catchiest Copy and creator of Automatically Funny AF in Four Weeks, talks all things funny in copywriting.

When working with clients, she found that the funnest time was when they were joking around, when she could bring that humor out of them and onto paper. 

A former stand-up comic who has opened for some of the biggest names in the biz, Sami knows exactly how to inject humor into copy in just the right way.

Whether it's punching up copywriting assets,  speeches, or presentations, Sami tells us how to bridge the gap for our audience through humor. One of the tips she shares is she has her clients watch the opening jokes of their favorite comics. From there, they workshop everything from signature talks, guest teaching, webinars - even podcasts. All messaging is curated as well - launch emails, welcome sequences...they all go through her process to increase connection through laughter.

Head over here to grab Sami's '10 tips to Grab Your Audience by the Funny Bone'.


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