Make Your Words Work for You.

(it's time they earned their keep and helped clean this place up)

Write copy that brings in the clams, dough, lettuce, AND the benjamins with my Write-with-You Intensives.

 It's simple. 

Whether you run your own business or work for one, that business is selling something.

To connect with your target audience and make those dolla dolla bills y'all you need words and not crappy ones.

Ideally, you'd have a whole string of them that form sentences that have your customers saying, "Here's my credit card, keep my tab open!"

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Excited customers come when you 

know exactly who you're talking to, what they need to hear, and how they need to hear it.

That's where I come in. I'll help you write messaging that's smooth and conversational, not awkward and robotic.


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When I worked with 

CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, all the major cable stations and music labels, we attracted the right demographic at the right time so they'd follow, interact, watch, listen...and buy, buy, buy.

We landed millions of eyes, hearts, and sales by nailing the message that spoke to them.

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Stop it, I'm blushing...
(aka testimonials)

If you’re not yet magnetizing ideal, loyal, paying customers – I highly recommend you ✋🏼Stop Everything🤚🏼 and call Erin Geiger.

Ever read a marketing email and wonder, ‘How does this company know me SO well?’ – then realize you gleefully read the ENTIRE message AND reached for your credit card? Well, it was probably written by Erin. THAT’s the power of her copywriting.

Claire M. Davis
Traction Resume

One of the most important aspects of marketing is copywriting, and most organizations miss the mark.

Erin is a copywriting genius, and I highly recommend her services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Trust me; you need Erin more than you think.

Matt Zaun
Matt Zaun, LLC

"Erin is an incredible communicator who is able to help me make pivots in my small business, while still helping me learn and grow along the way. Her mind is always working on a strategic and purposeful level and never settling for vanity numbers as a measure of success.

In an industry full of noisy, self-proclaimed “experts“, she is a true gem who knows what it takes to level up a small business.

Nadine Fonseca
Mighty Kind

Any of these resonate with you? 

If you hear your own voice when reading these common yet often infuriating challenges in copywriting, let's get to work.

Book a Session with Me and...

your copy will be off to the races! You’ll have copy so filled with chutzpah it’ll be sashaying off the page and into the heads of your customers ready to buy all your goods.

Write with You Intensive

$250 - One Hour Intensive

I'll help you work through the following:

  • Content Marketing Emails
  • Sales Page (due to length, may need a second session)
  • Launch Sequence Emails
  • Website Copy (specific portion)
  • Articles and Blog Posts (portion, due to length)
  • Lead Magnets (guides, checklists, - your freebie content to grow your email list - portion of, due to length)
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A Few Brands I've Knocked It Out of the Park For - Your Business Could Be Next!